About Me

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Hi! Thanks for visiting my site!

Well, if you're curious to know more about me, I can share a bit more here. I'm a software developer who really enjoys discussing programming concepts and sharing what I know (and don't know) with my colleagues. I live in Delaware, USA and I enjoy playing guitar and doing pretty much anything involving retro video games. My favorite genres of music are "golden age" hip hop, 60s jazz, and post-rock.

I enjoy writing, so I want to try experimenting with blogging, even if I'm something like 15 years behind the curve as I'm starting in early 2020. That's OK with me. I try my best to be a digital minimalist, and I'm focused on publishing and producing more than I consume right now. I think blogging is a great medium for that.

For now, my blog will probably focus on my thoughts around programming and software in general. That's the easiest topic for me to write about as I'm getting started. Maybe I'll expand into other areas as my confidence grows over time, but no promises right now.

If you'd like to reach me, I'm available via email. Just shoot me a message at michael.bledsoe@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!