One More Try?

This is probably my third or fourth attempt to start a blog and stick with it. Usually I'll post a few times and then leave it behind while I go off and become consumed with some other interest. I'm not sure if this time will be any different. I'd like to think that it will be, but the odds aren't really in my favor. That's OK, I want to try anyway.

I've been thinking a lot about creating and publishing content lately. Like most of us, I've consumed an enormous amount of valuable content online and it has enriched my personal and professional life. I'm grateful for all the people unlike me who have published their thoughts, questions, and experiences online for the rest of us to learn from. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll create some content here that is useful to a few readers.

I've always admired those in my field of software development like Scott Hanselman and Oren Eini who have consistently shared their professional knowledge and experience over many years. I'm so impressed with their openness and willingness to share. These are qualities that I want to develop more in myself.

In person, I'm happy to share ideas, brainstorm with my colleagues, and offer my experiences or guidance. I've just always behaved differently online. Online, I'm generally a lurker unless I'm participating in a private community where I already know the members. Maybe it's the fear of judgment or the fear of creating a permanent public record. I certainly don't feel comfortable writing this post, but I hope to become more comfortable over time.

My goal here is to share my interests, knowledge, and experiences in a way that is open, honest, and fearless. If I can do that consistently, then it will be a huge accomplishment for me personally. If I can pick up a few readers along the way, or if I'm able to meet some new people, then I will have found success beyond what I can currently imagine.